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Danube Delta
Excursions and
Boat Trips
Picture Gallery
Trips to the Delta, to the highlands and to the historical sites of the Dobruja

Trips by boat and excursions are a good choice almost throughout the year, independent of you being compassionate ornithologists or rather love to see historical sites; quite often, both likings are to be very well combined, for instance during a visit to the ruins of the antique town of Istria once adjacent to the sea and its museum; quite quickly you will observe pelicans in the sky, the little owl (Athene noctua) on its observation point in the ruins and a colony of Spanish sparrows (Passer hispaniolensis) as subtenants in a stork’s nest, while the Eastern green lizard und Balkan wall lizard (Lacerta viridis & Podarcis taurica) are enjoying the sun on the ancient walls of the colonial town, founded almost 2.700 years ago by Miletus.

Starting out from our holiday homes, there are three types of trips to be recommended: firstly the excursions to the countryside by foot or by car alongside the shores of the Delta lakes (Picture Gallery), to the forests and fallow lands (Picture Gallery) or visits of the historical sites (Picture Gallery), secondly several days’ boat trips to the remote regions in the heart of the Delta, to the dune forests of Caraorman and Letea and to the mouth of the Danube near Sf. Gheorge or Sulina on the Black Sea (Picture Gallery), and, last but not least, one-day boat trips to the heart of the Delta and on the Delta lakes (Picture Gallery).

For details, see: Excursions to the Countryside, Boat Trips for Several Days und One-Day Boat Trips.